Bad Sissy, Forced to become Baby Sissy

Have you been a bad sissy?

Something tells me that you have been a bit of a naughty boy lately. Do you know what happens to naughty boys?

They are sissified…

If that doesn’t make you start behaving then mommy has to make sure that you start from the beginning…and not only are you sissified but you become baby-fied and sissified and are turned into a cute little sissy baby for your abdl mom to train you.

This is all for the best.

After all, you like to think with that tool between your legs you call a COCK and it isn’t a cock is it? Its just a little sissy clitty dangling between your legs…nothing more – and you need to be reminded of what you are and where you belong.

For a naughty cock stroker like you, you belong in a diaper 24/7, crawling around the floor in a onesie with a binkie in your mouth and a bottle by your side.

You brought this on yourself. You may find it emasculating and degrading, you may be incredibly humiliated by your predicament…but this is your new life, this is how things will be.

You WILL be a good baby sissy…since you were so bad at being a man.

Featured Phone Mommy of the Week

Looking for the Hottest Mommy of the week?

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This week the ABDL World Featured Phone Mommy is:

Exotic Latina Mommy Adrianne~*~Mommy Adrianne~*~

Mommy Adrianne is a full figured, sexy, sensually strict and seductive phone mommy with an exotic latina flare.

She LOVES her little sissy boys and girls and wants to train them to be the best lil mijo’s y mija’s out there.

If you like to add a little spice to your exciting kink, give Mommy Adrianne a call – the question will be do you like it Mild or Caliente?

The best time to reach this sexy latina MILF – is mid-day to late evening all week long.

Read Mommy Adrianne’s Bio and Give her a call~


For ABDL Training Phone Sex, Call
(888) 908-7592
Calls are 1.75 per minute with a 10 Minute Minimum
Billed Discreetly to your Major Credit Card
Must be 18+

Proper Baby Sissy Etiquette

Whenever you are seeking a new phone mommy for your abdl training, you should ALWAYS follow a certain etiquette.

Obviously when you have connected to one particular mommy and you become monogamous with that mistress mommy, you will have a more specific set of rules that you have to abide by – all mommies and abdl mistresses have them and they will all differ.

BUT, when you are brand new to a phone mommy, you want to be dressed in your best.

If you are a diaper lover but don’t enjoy wearing the sissy clothing. Just call already prepared with your diaper on and it would behoove you to have an EXTRA one just in case you make a mess in your little diapy and your new diaper lovin mommy has to have you change.

But if you DO enjoy getting dressed you can either

(1)    connect to your adult baby mistress already dressed in your favorite outfit – cutsy and frilly, or your onesies, or even your tinkerbell footie pajamas

(2)    OR you can call just in your diaper with some outfits laid out so that your new mommy can pick out what you are wearing.

You must ALWAYS be courteous and respectful~

And if you enjoy using bottles, binkies, and bibs – have your toys already together so that you can get the most out of your sissy baby training, and so that you can please your abdl mommy.

After all, a happy mommy is a happy adult baby, diaper lover.

For ABDL Training Phone Sex, Call
(888) 908-7592
Calls are 1.75 per minute with a 10 Minute Minimum
Billed Discreetly to your Major Credit Card
Must be 18+

Diaper Humiliation Training

You know that you like the idea of being FORCED to go to work wearing a big bulky diaper and having to sit at your desk while you make a big ol’ stinky!

Well that is exactly what happens when you are being punished with diaper humiliation training.

You know that you are not a real man, at least not any more.

You are expected to wear a diaper 24/7 and USE your diaper in the most awkward and embarrassing places…places that include work, the mall, on a fancy date with some girl you just met.

You diaper mistress would be fully entertained with having you explain yourself or to explain where that smell is coming from.

But that is just a teeny tiny bit of it. You would have to walk around for at least an hour with your diaper full and sagging and you know the more you walk around , the more it sags and starts to slip off showing the crack of your sissy ass

Could you imagine if its so full that there is more than just the crack showing?

OR if your diaper wasn’t put on tight enough and it springs a leak?

How incredibly humiliated would you be? HAHA Well…humiliation for you is amusement for us.

For Diaper Humiliation Phone Sex Call
(888) 908-7592
Calls are 1.75 per minute with a 10 Minute Minimum
Billed Discreetly to your Major Credit Card
Must be 18+